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Furious 7 mark the seventh movies of this fast-car franchise and also the last movie to feature Paul Walker due to its unfortunate death. Did the movie manages to live up to its two great predecessor and did the team manage to give Paul Walker an appropriate send off ? Possible from the sixth movie and potentially this one as well. Hit the jump to find out.

Furious 7 kicks off several times after the sixth film as we found out Owen Shaw, the villain in the previous movie has a brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) and he is out for vengeance. Rather than being hunted, they decided to hunt Shaw instead which brought them to Kurt Russel's character (I totally miss his name, if it was ever mentioned) as they work together to hunt him.

I don't realize this when I watch the previous Fast and Furious movie, but one thing that it has different compare to other ensemble movie right now is that this movie has no whatsoever inner conflict. It is all about them getting together to do something, or fight someone. If you watch other ensemble movie (even The Avengers), there will be at least one scene where the team clashes the ideology and break apart... yada... yada... but not this one. I think that what makes it stand out and also define what family is which sort of a strong theme in this movie.

Character wise, the main cast has a very very strong chemistry. It seems like there is no script were written for them and they just got into character and speak. Jason Statham seems like a menacing villain but sort of lost that menacing factor in the middle of the movie. The Rock manage to deliver a lot of funny one liner throughout the movie and was given a potential love interest (?). Kurt Russel was just obviously there to replace The Rock and if you know the behind the scene story, it will become more obvious. The inclusion of Ramsey was interesting, great accent, but she bring a different element to the movie as someone who is not familiar with all this action and fast car element of the story.
Story wise, it is essentially Die Hard 4 with fast car. With that said, it come on top of Die Hard 4. There is more strong family element in it and the action is always fun to watch despite being ridiculous at times. I got a little bit tired of the action by somewhere in the middle of the movie, and that is when I started to think of how ridiculous the action is. It did a very good job tying up all the previous movies into a nice knot with a cameo from the cast of Tokyo Drift. While some people said you can watch this without the knowledge of the previous movies, I think it will have a bigger effect at the end if you have know all the movies, and a greater effect if you are along the journey since the first one.

Action wise,  there is some great action scene between The Rock and Jason Statham. Tony Jaa and Ronda Rhousey were obviously cast for more action scene but the Ronda Rhousey and Michelle Rodriguez fight was super good especially if you see that they are wearing dress while fighting. Unfortunately, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham fight ended in a sort of anti-climatic manner which is probably because there is no way Vin Diesel could beat Statham. However, I am excited to see if Statham returns if there is any future sequel.

Flaws ? There is some obvious CGI, but there is more on my sharp eyes. The script tries to go meta sometimes by making Tyrese Gibson character addresses how ridiculous the situation has become which doesn't really work on me. Of course, the final fight between Diesel and Statham was anti-climatic. Also, for a movie like this 2 hour 17 minutes is way too long.

I will be talking about Paul Walker sent off scene so FULL SPOILERS !! From the pre-screening reaction, the scene was done in a very beautiful way and it is. Similar with Gal Gadot's character death in Fast 6, this one is hinted right at the get go and was set up nicely. Mia was having another baby and Brian was getting more and more worried of his family being in danger. Essentially, the scene ends with Dom leaving Brian with his family out of harm and they have one last ride before split out. Of course, there is a montage that followed but I think what is more important is the monologue of Dom as he split off when Brian . I think this movie has an advantage of Vin Diesel being a part of the producer. He has been Paul Walker since this movie takes off and he certainly arrange a very good send off to him. All the audience claps as the movie ends and some even cries as everyone went out from the theater.

SPOILER ENDS. Overall it is not necessarily a better movie from the previous one, it is certainly the one to watch. It is an action-packed fun movie. You may not have an intellectual talk, going out from this one, but it does have a very strong message. Appreciate people around you, whatever you do, whenever you are, what matters is your family.  I give this movie 4.5 out 5.0. A very good well rounded Fast and Furious movie. Some hick up in story and special effect department but still a fun movie and a good send off for Paul Walker.

So what do you think of Furious 7 ? Do you like it ? And what do you think of Paul Walker send off scene ? Sound off you thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review as we are getting closer to the summer movie season. Like and Subscribe to us on Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally, don't forget to keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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