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Comikrew Studio December preview

December continues my effort to win Malaysia Online Comic Challenge, and marks the end of Skuad Satria. Hit the jump to see what to expect this December with Comikrew Studio.

Cabaran Komik Online Malaysia telah tiba !!

Dalam usaha untuk mencari bakat baru dalam dunia komik Malaysia, Mat Komik dengan kerjasama KomikM serta Creative United telah mengadakan Cabaran Komik Online Malaysia untuk kali kedua. Sudah tentu, sebagai seorang pelukis komik indie, saya akan turut menyertai pertandingan ini. Juga, untuk pertama kalinya, post ini juga akan diterbitkan dalam dwibahasa.

The Malaysia Online Comic Challenge is here !!

In an effort to find new aspiring comic book artist, Mat Komik in collaboration with Komik M and Creative United presents the second Malaysia Online Comic Challenge. Of course, being an aspiring comic book artist myself, I'm joining the competition as well. Also, in a very rare occurrence, this will be a bilingual post.

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay part 2

The Hunger Games reaches its end with Mockingjay part 2. Can this franchise ends on a high notes after a rather underwhelming first part ? Hit the jump to see my thought. Beware of minimum spoiler and spoiler from the previous movie.

Chronicle intermission part 3 and part 4 is now available at Tapastic

I'm back from a long trip overseas and to celebrate that (sort of), here is double chapter of Chronicle. Get to see what happen next in the fight between Nia Azmir and the leader of Desert Pirate.

Skuad Satria #15 is now available at Mat Komik

I almost afraid that this never got out in time because Malaysia Online Comic Challenge is kicking off at Mat Komik right now. However, it was release and get ready to know the origin of Hackerdroid after the jump.

Haze,I'm in Love is now available at Tapastic

As promised, 'Haze,I'm in Love is now available to read at Tapastic. Hit the jump to read this love story inspired by the horrible-horrible haze happening in Malaysia last September.