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Comikrew Studio announces 2014 Raya Special

As per usual, Comikrew Studio is set to release something special this Eid. Last year was three issues special Kasih Lebaran. What do we have store this year ? Hit the jump to find out !!

X-Men : Days of Future Past review

Bryan Singer returns for another x-men flicks with an attempt to bring back X-Men to everyone attention after the successful X-Men : First Class. Did he pull it off ? Hit the jump to find out.

Forever Evil event review

Forever Evil FINALLY ends today. What do I think of the conclusion of this event ? Hit the jump to find out my review of the first DC Comics universe wide event !! Beware Mild Spoiler .

Comic Book and Movie news source.

If you have been wondering where do we got updates on comic book movies or movies news, today we give you some of interesting source you can check it out. Hit the jump the find out.

Godzilla (2014) review

Godzilla returns to silver screen this week. Can this King of Monster comeback from the disastrous 1998 movie ? Hit the jump to know my thought of this movie.

Arrow season 2 Finale review (mild spoiler)

Arrow closed its second season with a rather explosive and exciting finale. What do I think about this second season finale ? Hit the jump to find out.

DC Comics: Futures End first issue review

While Forever Evil is still short of one issues, DC Comics has already kicks off their second events Futures Ends. What do we think of its first issue ? Hit the jump to find out.