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National Crisis: The beginning is available at Tapastic

Well, Hi guys !!! Yeah, I know it has been several days since the last time I post the one-word teaser right ?!! But today is more special because the newest comic of Comikrew Studio is now out !!!

Comic Terminology and Jargon

I think it has been long since the last time I talk about terminology and jargon, so today I think I talk about it a little bit.     Last time I post about this, it was about terms we use in the movie. So this time I will toich on the terms used in comic so when your partner is a comic geek like me, you're able to understand at least most of the thing he said. For today I will talk about term used for type of comic that is published 1. One-shot One-shot has nothing to do with gun fight or knock out. It is actually a term that we use to classify a comic that only published for one issue. No second issue and so one. 2. Tie-in Tie-in is kind of new term and currently being popularly used in movie too. Tie-in refer to comics that are published as their own comic but at the same time they also so sort otlf prequel to another comic. Marvel Cinematic Universe first phase: The Avengers, all the marvel movies before that served as the tie-in for The Avengers. 3. Crossover Crosso

Time to pursue "FREEDOM" !!!

A pretty weird teaser today huh? Well then, time to put your guess at comment section !! Comikrew Heroes Universe (CHU) is a new event presented by Comikrew Studio beginning this November. The story currently has begun with Prologue to The Spade and National Crisis The Beginning I will be coming soon. More comics will followed later until biggest event, National Crisis which is considered as the first arc of CHU next year.

Prepared to be "ACTIVATED" !!!

Another teaser to you all to guess !!! I guess you all can quite guess who will be appearing soon in the world of CHU !! Sound your thought in the comment section !!!

Another teaser !!!

After yesterday one word teaser that start off our CHU, now here we go another one !!! Who do you think will be the one is represented with this teaser? Sound your thought on the comment section !!!

CHU begins here !!!

Well, after quite a while I stop talking about CHU , now I'm back to talk about it with a style that most of Marvel fan will recognized. So, as MangaMagazine now become a place where you can read all the comic from Comikrew Studio which currently only Aoi's Love Diary is available but have no fear more will come soon. But, it is also mark the beginning of a whole new era of Comikrew Studio as we leave behind the chronicle of Tri (well, most of it) and enter Comikrew Heroes Universe.        Recently Marvel begins to tease all their fan with an one word poster that actually represent a comic that will be launched after the end of Avengers vs X-Men (which the review will coming soon here in Comikrew Studio). After looking how interesting this teaser is, we decided to do the same too with ours. Starting from today, you will be seeing one word teaser for our CHU too !! So, for today, here you go !!!        " EXILED" opened our teaser for CHU. Who do you think this

Its all about your Superheroes !!!

So, here we are again in another post of Comikrew Studio. Today, I'm not gonna touch on anything about CHU but yet I still gonna touch about superhero which is about how a small features that exist on the superhero but yet it become the moment of " That is so true !!! " when you thought about it. 1. Superhero just don't catch a cold Batman's backbone was snapped by Bane and recovered. Captain America died and resurrected. Iron Man suffered of brain tumour and cancer but survived. Prof. Xavier was paralyzed but able to walk again later. They suffered so many pain in fact extreme pain but they never catch a simple cold. I mena, have you ever read in any of this comic book where the hero catch a cold due to be outside during rain for too long? Nope? In fact, most of them just don't get enough sleep and they're just feeling sleepy or sloppy but never get ill ( catch a cold to be specific). Well then, I guess they just have a strong antibody towards col

Patterned Villain

So, hi we meet again in another post of Comikrew Studio. Today I'm gonna sort of discuss something that I think ( I don't know what you think, but oh well it is my blog after all...) pretty interesting; Patterned Villain. No, I will not talk about some massive issue of patent or copyright but about HOW VILLAIN FOR A CERTAIN STORY IS PATTERN FOLLOWING ITS MAIN CHARACTER.          So, lets start. We have been watching superhero movies, comics, animation and see how hero and villain fight each other and one of them sometimes die, which are resurrected after some time, or end up to be sent to the same place like in Batman. However, few of us actually realized that villains of all this superheroes have somehow been nicely pattern to suit the superheroes itself. Disagree? Well take a look at this. Iron Man Iron Man's villain will always revolve around either his suit, his glowing chest plate, or simply the technology itself. In Iron Man, we have Justin Hammer; Stark's

Aoi's Love Diary is now available online !!!

Hei guys, the time has finally come where Comikrew Studio has gone online !!! We proudly brought you the first ever our online comic; " Aoi's Love Diary.- Prologue to The Spade ". Just follow the line below !!! Aoi's Love Diary Manga / Comic on

To build a better universe part 2

Wow, a direct continuation !!! Previously I talked about on suggestion to start a better heroes universe and also talking about Comikrew Heroes Universe (CHU). This time I'm still hoping suggestion from you all but at the same time, I'll introduce to you the characters that will be appeared in CHU so that they might give you some idea on what to suggest.     However before you start to read and gives comment, it is better to read 'to build a better universe part one'  so that you get to know a little bit on my stand about all this superheroes stuff. So lets begin !! I'll start with the first comic that will open the universe of CHU; Starshield. Here is the teaser poster for Starshield which is a romantical superhero comic. That is something that we don't heard a lot on Superheroes comic, is it? Starshield His real name is Dave Drake, a lecturer in Hero's Academy and a very well-known superhero of Star City (fictional city that I created from Bukit

comikrew studio: To build a better universe part one

comikrew studio: To build a better universe part one : Hi, guys !!! So we meet again in the next post of Comikrew Studio. I know lately I've been like to much into this Comikrew Heroes Univers...

To build a better universe part one

Hi, guys !!! So we meet again in the next post of Comikrew Studio. I know lately I've been like to much into this Comikrew Heroes Universe thingy but well, this is like a new thing that I personally try to create after we've seen several attempt of creating Malaysia superhero that might not entirely flop but still it didn't give an impact as big as Iron man or at least Judge Dreed. (I don't want to compare with The Avengers because it would not be unfair considering our stage now). So, where is the mistake? Is it we do it to early? or Is it the problem of the storyline?       One of it to be honest is the background. Cicakman for example (no offense KRU Studio). The story happens in a fictional city known as Metrofulus. I don't mind with that, Gotham is not real, Smallville is not real, Wakanda is not real, but winter for real? That is one thing that never happen in Malaysia. What is wrong having a superhero fighting in a tropical climate? I haven't watch