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National Crisis #3 is now available at Tapastic

National Crisis back with issue three and you can read online now !! Jimmy's brought into the crisis as he formed an allies with Rania. Hit the jump to read more !!

Justice League live action movie : Why is it so hard ?

So with Batman - Superman set to come out at 2015, we decided to take a look why is it so hard to produce a Justice League live action movie. Hit the jump to check my thought.

First Look at National Crisis #3

National Crisis continues with chapter three as the focus shift to the alliance of Rania and Jimmy to save Hikmal. Hit the jump to see the first look of the issue.

Three National Crisis tie-in announced !!

National Crisis is already in chapter two. After the end of National Crisis, the events continues with three tie-in from The Peacekeepers side. Hit the jump to know more.

National Crisis #2 is now available at Tapastic

National Crisis continues with chapter two as Musashi and The Spade finally meet with the two big guns of Secret Military. Hit the jump to check the preview.

Thor : The Dark World review. Mild Spoiler

Thor returns with a second installment; Thor: The Dark World. While Thor was okay, how does the sequel performs ? Hit the jump to check my review. BEWARE : MILD SPOILER.

First look of National Crisis #2

Last week we saw the arrival of Dice in National Crisis #1, check the first look of National Crisis #2 as Spade meet Cim and Aswad for the first time.

Top things PUMSA Malaysian Night 2013

  PUMSA Malaysian Night 2013 was last Saturday. Were you there ? No, then you missed a lot. This week, we list out things that we enjoy and you missed during Malaysian Night 2013