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Hackerdroid #3 is now available at MangaMagazine.Net

It's a little bit late on the schedule but here you go as promised-the conclusion of Hackerdroid !! Who wins and who lose ? Check it out at MangaMagazine.Net right now !!

CHU 0RIGIN will be going on hiatus, National Crisis production is put on hold

After two outing, the prequel tie-in of CHU, CHU 0RIGIN will be put on hiatus until an announced date while National Crisis production is currently on hold. More news after the jump.

First look at Hackerdroid #3

Next week Hackerdroid comes to conclusion with Hackerdroid #3. Check out the first look of it as Jimmy battles with Dannie in his effort to bring his frenemy back to reality.

Batman #17: Death of the Family conclusion review

As today Death of the family come to conclusion with Batman #17, I'll give you my review but beware it contains SPOILERS !! Does it lives up to its reputation ? Hit the jump to find out !

Hackerdroid #2 is now out

The conclusion of Comikrew Cybernatic hero is getting near as Hackerdroid #2 is now at MangaMagazine.Net. Here is a sneak peek of Hackerdroid #2. More can be read at MangaMagazine.Net.

First Look on Hackerdroid #2

"You have to be a hackerdroid to save Dannie,". In the first look of Hackerdroid #2, we'll see Jimmy is preparing to put on the suit of Hackerdroid. Hit the jump to check it out.