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2014 Comic Book A-Z

As the year comes to close, it is time to recap of the big news of comic book world for 2014 our style; in the alphabetical order. Hit the jump to find out what news that got the place.

Marvel AXIS review

After a wild ride, Marvel newest events; AXIS finally ends. How does this event stands up compared to other previous Marvel events ? Hit the jump to find out.

Comikrew In Retrospective

This year has been a blast for me. A lot of things have happened, and as the year comes to an end, lets look back at this year wonderful journey. is closing, I'm moving Tapastic.

On Friday, a news came out at that the site will be closing on February 2015. Here are some updates on what will happen of Comikrew produced comics in the future. Hit the jump to get some updates.

Legend of Korra series finale review

The Avatar series finally ended with Friday's Korra series finale. What do I think of this considered controversial series finale ? Hit the jump to find out.

Arrow-Flash midseason finale review SPOILER GALORE.

Arrow and Flash wraps up their fall episodes with the mid-season finale. How does the mid-season finale caps off and build up for their returns in January ? Hit the jump to find out. BEWARE : ALL OUT SPOILER

Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood updated and first look of From Comikrew Vault

Comikrew10 will kicks off next week and we have our very first look of From Comikrew Vault through the first title; More than A Book's Cover. Also Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood has been updated.

Arrow-Flash Crossover review

CW brought their first superhero crossover with Arrow and Flash this week. As the world collides for the first time, did the crossover manage to maintain authenticity of both world ? Hit the jump to know our thought.

Comikrew10 first trailer has been released

As December approaching (well, we already in December), Comikrew10 is getting near. In kicking off the event, the first trailer along covers for the special issues has been released.