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National Crisis Trivia !!

  National Crisis have just ended last week, so here is some interesting trivia about Comikrew Heroes Universe 's first event.

Throwback 90's :Part II

In my last article, I introduced to you all some of the famous Malaysia animated series. In this second part, I'll talked on the several reasons Malaysian animation died.

National Crisis #7 (final issue) is now available at Tapastic

Hit the jump to read the final issue of National Crisis and check out what gonna happened as the crises ended.

Throwback 90's : Part I

This week I decided to touch a little bit of animation in Malaysia. For this first part, I'll talked on several popular Malaysian animations in the 90's.

First look of National Crisis #7 (the final issue !!)

Next week will be the final issue of National Crisis !! Check the first look of the issue as Cim desperately fight against Scoutsknight.

National Crisis #6 is now available at MangaMagazine

National Crisis almost reach its conclusion as Dice finally reveal their true objective. Hit the jump to read the last two issues of the event.

Comikrew Studio 2014 !!

Wonder what stores for you guys in 2014 ? Hit the jump to get the very first look of titles that will be available for 2014 !!

First look at National Crisis # 6

Happy New Year !! National Crisis continues with its six issue as Cim and his team make their last stand against Dice. Hit the jump to see the first look of the issue.