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Comic Book World A-Z : 2013 edition

It is the end of year and we are back to recap the biggest news happen in the comic book world. Hit the jump to see our A-Z choice.

National Crisis #5 is now available at Tapastic

Last comic of the year !! So hit the jump to read National Crisis #5 as Aswad is fighting against Payne.

First look at National Crisis #5

Following the revelation in issue 4, Cim's infiltration team is put in big trouble. In this first look of issue 5, Aswad and Su Claz are putting their effort to face Payne.

National Crisis #4 is now available at Tapastic

 Big revelation in this issue as the traitor among the heroes is revealed !! Read more in National Crisis #4 after the jump

National Crisis #5 -#7 and CHU 0RIGIN: The Wanderer solicitations

Both National Crisis and CHU 0RIGIN will come to end as we enter 2014 !! Hit the jump to check what you can expect from the remaining issues of both events.

First Look of National Crisis #4

After beating Virus, Cim and his team began their infiltration. In this first look, Spade has to come to face to face with Lord Sasori.

Frozen Review

So Disney back with another sort of Fairy-tale animation. Does Frozen worth your money ? Hit the jump to read my thought.