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Starshield:CHU 0RIGIN is now out at MangaMagazine.Net

As today January is coming to the end, Comikrew Studio tied it up with another one-shot of CHU 0RIGIN. Starshield continues the momentum started by Nightmoth. Hit the jump to see the preview of Starshield :CHU 0RIGIN

Hackerdroid #1 is now out at MangaMagazine.Net

Countdown 2 National Crisis 2nd phase finally kicks off !! Hackerdroid #1 is now available at MangaMagazine !! Hit the jump to see the preview of Hackerdroid #1

First Look on CHU 0RIGIN : Starshield

Countdown to National Crisis phase two is  kicking off tomorrow with Hackerdroid. However before that, CHU 0RIGIN continues after the tale of NightMoth with the story that gonna kick start CHU entirely ; Starshield. Hit the jump to get the first look of Starshield : CHU 0RIGIN that will be coming out next week !

First Look of Hackerdroid #1

Hi everyone !! As 2013 is moving on, Countdown 2 National Crisis finally back from its long hiatus. Kicking off with Hackerdroid, here is the first look of our first ever Malaysian hacker's hero !!

Movie 2013 - What To Expect !!

HI and Happy New Year. I know its already three weeks after new year, but I'm currently busy with my stuff and only now I got the chance to put some update. So, I heard its hot-time in Malaysia. With the upcoming election and not to forget with the current issue of this "Sharifah-Listen" stuff, Malaysia is typically now a boiling state country. But that is entirely another story and not the focus of my post today.          So, 2102 has been announced as the highest box-office gross in history thanks to The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Also congratz to Argo and Ben Affleck for grabbing Best Motion picture and Best Director for both Critic Choice Award and Golden Globe Award. Oscar is coming soon and then most people gonna be focusing on the upcoming movie back. The main question now is what movie that you should go to watch ? Well, I'm gonna tell you that but do remember unless you're in United States, this date might not be valid for your country. Trus