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Comikrew November Preview

Chronicle continues with its intermission chapter, Skuad Satria kicks off Hackerdroid's origin, and Comikrew Love Story redeems the missed dateline with Haze, I'm in Love (again). Hit the jump to see what to expect next November.

Chronicle Intermission part 2 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle continues its intermission chapter this week as Dante and Danzo arrives at Datartas and Nia deals with the aftermath of her confrontation at the market.

Skuad Satria #14 is now available at Mat Komik

The Spade's origin reaches its conclusion in Skuad Satria #14. The story continues as Musashi returns a little bit too late to investigate the case after the jump.

feettri Ibrahim talks about Chronicle: Adventure in Datartas

Last week marks the beginning of Chronicle's new arc; Adventure in Datartas. Set in between Pirate Brotherhood, how does this storyline effects what happens in Chronicle moving forward ? Feettri Ibrahim talks about what to expect from this story.

Chronicle Intermission part 1 is now available at Tapastic

As Pirate Brotherhood concludes, lets take a break and return to Datartas as the intermission storyline finally begins. Hit the jump to see the first look of the intermission storyline.

Comikrew Studio October Preview

After we done catching up with what we have missed for the month I've been in silence, what you can expect coming this October ? Hit the jump to find out what awaits !!

MILLIONS apologies but I'm BACK !!

It was tough but after a month of silence, Comikrew Studio is finally back !! Millions apologize for those who have been waiting for new post but before we move forward, lets catch up with those we have missed.