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Avengers : Age of Ultron review

Avengers : Age of Ultron hitting the cinema today. Can this sequel surpasses its predecessor if not stands on the same level ? Hit the jump to know my thought about it.

Avengers 44 , Batman 40 and finally Multiversity #2 review

Big things happen in several comic book issues today. Avengers finally hit the end with their Time Runs Out storyline with Avengers #44. Batman meets an endgame with the Joker in Batman #40 and Multiversity reaches its conclusion in Multiversity #2. Hit the jump to see my thought on all this issue.

Chronicle #16 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle continues from the previous chapter battle as Pat Allenbach attempt to take down Pirate Brotherhood without his two strongest officer. Hit the jump to see as he faces Edgar Bareira.

Naruto Gaiden review

So I was expecting this to be release next week but well, surprise! surprise! It came out yesterday so here is a very special review of Naruto Gaiden chapter one.

Comikrew May preview

Major changes and announcement will happen in May. So what should you expect for Comikrew Studio in May ? Hit the jump to find out.

Parker's Guidebook of Dating is now available on Tapastic

After a long wait, Parker's Guidebook of Dating is finally available on Tapastic. Hit the jump to see the new addition of Comikrew Love Story as Parker met Stacy for the first time..

Chronicle #15 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle jumps back to the present time as we find out what Pat Allenbach and his crew has been doing since the explosion of intercontinental station.

Batman vs. Robin review

Batman vs. Robin is a continuation of Son of Batman and DC animation second release this year after the lackluster Throne of Atlantis. How does this stand in the mix of other releases of DC Animation ? Hit the jump to get my thought about it.

Skuad Satria is back with a double issue !!

After a quite a delay, Skuad Satria in a big way !! As we finally got a special page in Mat Komik so readers can catch up with the previous issue and in celebrating, we have a double issue release as we finally kicks off the Dice arc with Skuad Satria.

Reviewstravanganza : Cicakman 3

Cicakman 3 is the next installment from Malaysian Superhero franchise (sort of), Cicakman. Riding the wave of the comic book superhero franchise, does it able to stand within them or did it fail spectacularly ?

Furious 7 review

Furious 7 mark the seventh movies of this fast-car franchise and also the last movie to feature Paul Walker due to its unfortunate death. Did the movie manages to live up to its two great predecessor and did the team manage to give Paul Walker an appropriate send off ? Possible from the sixth movie and potentially this one as well. Hit the jump to find out.

Convergence #0, Futures End #48, and not Multiversity #2 review

A lot of big things happen today. All Batman Eternal, World Ends, Futures End, and not Multiversity concludes.Also, DC New 52 seconds big events Convergence kicks off. Hit the jump to see my thought on the conclusion of Futures Ends, Convergence #0, and a special title to compensate the unreleased of Multiversity #2.