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National Crisis #1 - #4 Solicitations

After a long wait, it's finally gonna start !! Check out the solicitations of the first four issues of National Crisis that will begin on October 31st !!

Badang : CHU 0RIGIN is at MangaMagazine !!

The new revamped origin of Badang is now available at MangaMagazine. Hit the jump to check another origin of Comikrew Heroes Universe.

First Look at CHU 0RIGIN: Badang

After a quite long hiatus, here is the first look at another origin of CHU characters :- Badang !! What story stores for this new revamped popular Malaysia folklore character ?

Appealing VIllains

In conjunction with DC Comics villains month, we'll be talking about Villains and what makes them so interesting in the eyes of the reader. If you ready, hit the jump and dive into the world of villainy !!