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Celoteh 'O first episode
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Star Wars The Last Jedi movie review
Justice League movie review

The Wanderer :CHU 0RIGIN is now available at !!

The final issue of CHU 0RIGIN event is finally here !! Hit the jump to find out the mysterious origin of The Wanderer !!

First look of The Wanderer:CHU 0RIGIN

The final issue for CHU 0RIGIN events will be available next week. Hit the jump to see the first look of The Wanderer: CHU 0RIGIN.

Throwback 90's part 4

For this final part, we will be focusing on numbers of recent Malaysian animation that  you can enjoy.

The Lego Movie review

The Lego Movie hit the theater last week. Does it worth your money to watch it ? Hit the jump to find out !!

Justice League War review

DC Animated release a brand new animation slate ; Justice League War. Is it another hit after Flashpoint Paradox or this time a miss ?

Throwback 90's part 3

Last article focus on the downfall of Malaysia animation and now we're back for the third part of focusing in the renaissance of Malaysia animation.