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Okey guys.. hari nie aku just nk infrom korang sume yg. blog nie xkan show aku nye artwork lg. sume artwork aku akan ditunjukkan kt devianART. so klau korang nk tgk artwork aku lps nie. pegi kt sini . tue je kali nie.CHIAOO!!!


Ha.... bru beberapa jam yg. lalu aku post, nie dh post lg. Tp. kali nie aku nk citer pasal projek bru aku yg. ala X-Men.Apa? X tau? bce info dia kt sini. Tajuk projek bru aku nie The Ancient. Npe ala2 X-Men lak? Jom bce info dia. Citer nie mengfokuskan psl sekumpulan manusia yg. dikurniakan kuasa misteri yg. digelar The Ancient. Kesemua kuasa mewakili cerita dongengan dan rakyat pd suatu masa dahulu. Demi melindungi manusia yg. memiliki kuasa nie drpd disalahguna dan dipulaukan, Professor Nawas (merupakan seorang Ancient) membuka sebuah pusat perlindungan yg. digelar Ancient Organization.Walau bagaimanapun, dlm usahanya melindungi manusia istimewa ini, beliau berhadapan dgn ancaman drpd. Ancient Crusader yg. menggunakan manusia2 ini utk. kepentingan mereka. Cm. biasa sedikit psl watak2 dlm citer nie. Prof. Nawas ( Menukarkan benda menjadi kepingan kertas yg. mencatat memori benda tersebut) Pengasas kpd Ancient Organization. Kebolehannya membolehkan dia mengesan manusia Ancient

Watch out!!! Dodge the ball!!!

Hai, guys.. Well, its been quite some time since I wrote post in this blog. However, I got something to tell you'll about. Recently, I joined the Overseas Preparation Student in Uniten for their Sport Carnival. One of the game they played was dodgeball and I was given a chance to be the referee because I knew the rule of the game. So today, I 'll explain to you all on how to play it. (Sound like a teacher) By the way, all of this was taken in Wikipedia .      Before the game starts, you may wonder the maximum player for a team, right? The answer is infinity. You may play as many as you want. Not just that, there are no finite time limit for the game. You may set up your own time limit (where the most number of player when the time ends win) or the game is consider end when all the players of one of the team are eliminated.Now the rule.      At the beginning of a dodgeball game, the balls are lined up on the central dividing line (in some versions of the game, the balls are