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Green Lantern:TAS and Young Justice finale review

Two finale, two deaths, two awesome cliffhanger and yet two cancellations. Today both Young Justice and Green Lantern:The Animated Series reach to the end. Check my review on their season finale. BEWARE: SPOILER ALERT .

National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice #1 is now out at Tapastic

Though there is a little bit delay in term of releasing it, National Crisis 0RIGIN: dice #1 is now out at Tapastic as we see the beginning of the villainous organization; Dice !!

Comikrew Studio April - June 2013 Solicitation

This week National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice will be available online and then we'll go on hiatus for a month. But do not worry, here is what you should expect from us as we return on April !!

First Look on National Crisis 0RIGIN: dice

Coming out on March 8, National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice will explored the origin of the villainous Dice. Check out the first look of it as Megat Arman is explaining the mission to his final hope; the ex-convict Armain.