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Malaysian Night is back, folks !!

PUMSA's biggest event has returned and this time it is bigger that ever. It's a week before Malaysian Night hits Purdue and we are here to tell you what you should expect from this year incarnation.

Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood part 2 is now available at !!

Chronicle: Pirate Brotherhood continues with its second arc, The Origin of Nia Azmir. Hit the jump to see its first look and head to to read its first part !!

First Look of Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood part 2

After the fallout of the Intercontinental train, Nia is forced to take a temporary leave. Hit the jump to see the preview of next chapter as the origin of Nia Azmir is finally revealed !!

CW's Arrow Season 3 debut episode

Arrow returns with season 3. After the explosive season 2, high rating debut of Flash, and hit on Gotham, could this series keeps its reputation and its cult hit ? Hit the jump to see what we think.

CW's The Flash pilot episode review

The Flash redebuted on the small screen yesterday. After a small success of the character in the 90's and animation, how does this incarnation do after yesterday debut ? Hit the jump to see our review.

Gone Girl review

Gone Girl is one of the contenders for Oscar this year. How does this David Fincher's movie stands up with his other movies ? Hit the jump to find out what we think about it.

Legend of Korra Book 4 Episode 1 review. Mild Spoiler

The final book for Legend Korra debuted tonight. With the series being only shown online after the rating drop during last season, can this final season get back to its feet ? Hit the jump to find out. MILD SPOILER AHEAD