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Chronicle: Earth Union is back !!
Celoteh 'O first episode
Gerak Khas: Undercover First thought
Star Wars The Last Jedi movie review
Justice League movie review

Comikrew September preview

This September, Chronicle concludes the second part of the Helios Dragon arc and kicking off its final part. September will be a really really slow month as I will be out of time for a while. Hit the jump to find out what to expect next month.

Chronicle #39 is now available at Tapastic (NSFW)

Chronicle continues with a new chapter this week as Dominic confronts Pat with an offer. Hit the jump to see what happen next. BEWARE, THIS CHAPTER IS A NSFW CHAPTER.

Bleach Final Chapter review

After 15 years of serialization, 6 story arcs (?) and 686 chapters, Bleach reaches its end this week. After easily one of the tentpole manga, can this last chapter comes out as one of the best ending in manga as well ? Hit the jump to find out. SPOILER ALERT ON THE FEW FINAL CHAPTERS.

Comic vs Film : The Yeah and Meh of DC

Few days ago I wrote about how the birth of Marvel Cinematic Universe changes their comic landscape for both good and bad. This time, I'll be focusing on its main competitor; DC Comic. Hit the jump to find out how DC have changes since the release of its movie.

Comic Vs Film : The Yeah & Meh of Marvel

Comic book movie has been all over the news lately and have taken over the Hollywood film industry in a way. That being said, it can be a detriment to its original industry, the comic book itself. In this first part, I'll be focusing on Comic Book movie juggernaut; Marvel Studio.

Chronicle #38 is now available at Tapastic

I'm really sorry for delay as Chronicle was supposed to return on August 10, but here it is !! Chronicle returns with an action packed chapter after the jump.

Suicide Squad review

The third movie of DCEU hit the theaters last week and while it has been hurt by bad reviews, sometimes you just need to go and watch it yourself to figure it out. However, if you don't want to take that risk, hit the jump to read my thought about this movie.

Batman : The Killing Joke animated movie review

DC Animated rounds up their animation slates this year with the most anticipated release of  Batman : The Killing Joke.Adapted from the famous comic book of the same name, can this adaptation lives up to its source material ? Hit the jump to check it out.

Comikrew August Preview

Chronicle returns and prepare for DC reviewstravaganza as this month I'm back with my regular comic and I review Suicide Squad as well as Batman : The Killing Joke.

Star Trek Beyond review

Star Trek Beyond is the third installment of the reboot universe. After the quite disappointing sequel, can this threequel bring back trust to the Star Trek franchise ? Hit the jump to find out my thought about this movie.