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Arrow-Flash midseason finale review SPOILER GALORE.

Arrow and Flash wraps up their fall episodes with the mid-season finale. How does the mid-season finale caps off and build up for their returns in January ? Hit the jump to find out. BEWARE : ALL OUT SPOILER

Arrow : The Climb
Arrow kicks off with Miley Cyrus' The Climb... no, actually with Ra's Al-Ghul gave Ollie an ultimatum, delivered Sara's killer or Starling City will suffer. Honestly, the episode dropped the ball in its action and Arrow moment and there is a lot of unnecessary revelations being shoehorned in this episode. The best part of this episode is the Oliver moment and other non-costumed moments, when he departed with his allies and Thea, and when he defended Thea. I like Dinah Laurel revelations, that was a good one. Ray and Felicity revelation was also good. But everything else just feel so bad. Thea's action sequence, she is hot , I'll give her that but her fight with Arrow was clearly choreograph unlike the first fight we see her in (probably not her at all).

Lets go to unnecessary revelation. I know this is supposed to build up for the mid-season return in January  but Ray showing his suits to Felicity seems very shoehorn and Laurel revealing to Thea on Sarah's death again very very unnatural. I think the story would work better if it is just Oliver dealing with Ra's ultimatum and just push all the Ray's revelation when we come back.Also Malcolm revelation on who killed Sara, not convincing at all and again pretty shitty.

Lets end this with the big moment; Ra's Al-Ghul vs Oliver. It was a pretty shitty match. Ra's Al- Ghul was terrifying especially at the very end scene but Matt Nable certainly doesn't look the part. From far, he looks okay but when you see his face, it took me out from the scene. What I like about Arrow is mostly the high speed fight but this one doesn't look intense at all. Arrow really need to step up their fight scene because I am not impress since the last two episodes (It looks serviceable in the Flash episode of the crossover).

Overall, it was just a good finale but not an impressive one. I give The Climb 3.0 out 5.0. Sure, the ending was a shocker, but it was not intense, a lot of unnecessary scene and seemingly a little bit too forced in term of how the story moving forward (in this episode).

The Flash : Man In The Yellow Suits
Flash kicks off Christmas with songs and the return of the man in the yellow suits or famously known  in the comic book as Reverse-Flash. While it is not as intense as Arrow (which I just said not intense so imagine that) as it has a more light, bright, and fluffy tone, it does deliver a better episode overall than Arrow. It peeks into Barry emotion as the killer of his mom returns (which is represented much better than the comic book or not ? I don't read Flash except for Flashpoint) and you don't see that a lot in the series for now (he didn't go angry in the Flash crossover, he go Anakin Skywalker). There is some unnecessary revelation but not as much as Arrow.

Reverse-Flash looks good. Despite the limitation of the TV special effect, he looks terrifying and threatening. Though, he did say, "I was quite the reverse" which is a pun of his name and that was a bad pun. He pretty much fit the looks shown in the comic. Fire 'The Human Torch' Storm was good. The fire effects looks real and I pretty excited to see him in the future though I don't think Fire Blast is his power. The plot keep revealing but at the same time plant a lot of question for their returns which is the right way to do a mid-season finale. Also, a lot of Barry moments are tearjerking in this episodes. With his father, that was good and with Joe at the end was also good.

The bad part ? Flash vs Reverse-Flash looks really bad. It looks good when they are racing each other and the tornado scene but when they are fist-fighting, looks really cheap. Two reasons of this, Quiksilver in X-men and Flash vs. Reverse-Flash in Flashpoint paradox. Look both of those and you know what I mean. This is where the limitations of TV special effect kick them in the ass. Also, Barry-Iris revelation, pretty good damn unnecessary. You cut that one out and it doesn't hurt the plot at all.

Overall, it was a better episode that Arrow and I am more excited for its return in January with the Rogues. I give the episodes 4.0 out 5.0. The story good, some moments are good, and the fighting scene was a letdown. 

What do you think of the mid season finale of Arrow and Flash ? Are you excited with their returns in January ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Arrow returns on January 21 and Flash returns on January 20. Stay tuned for more review from us. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and be sure to keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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