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Cicakman 3 is the next installment from Malaysian Superhero franchise (sort of), Cicakman. Riding the wave of the comic book superhero franchise, does it able to stand within them or did it fail spectacularly ?

So, because this is reviewstravanganza and it is already a month out, I'll be talking full spoiler. In my short review on my personal Facebook profile, I said it was released 8 years too late and if it is released in states, it would be totally be sued. The reason why I said it was 8 years too late because if it was released around the time of the second Fantastic 4 movie and Catwoman, it would have been an acceptable movie (though when I watch Catwoman for the first time, it still look really bad) and the reason why I said it got sued is because they decided to put Marvel and DC comic character inside it but obviously didn't get any permission to do so, hence copyright infringement.

Cicakman 3 takes off  years after the event of Cicakman 2 where the superhero has retired for some unknown reason. Man, a guy who was just left by his wife accidentally found the Cicakman costume under the Cicakman statue. Meanwhile a new superhero appeared in Metrofulus calling himself Superbro but unbeknownst to the public was working together with the mob to take over the city or something. Man, on the other hand, decided to become the new Cicakman in order to win back his wife. Seeing him as a threat, Superbro decided to take Cicakman down.

Sound interesting ? Here is the issue with Cicakman, it has great story but the way the story moves was really bad. The writer seems to use all the tropes from the early to late 2000's superhero movie and with all the other superhero movie out right now, it becomes out right ridiculous. However, it wasn't really sure that it want to be taken seriously or is it a comedy because the comedy never really lands, it was not funny throughout the movie but at the same time, it was never really serious anyway.

Story wise, the subplot of Man and his wife, Linda was the best part of this movie. They clearly have good chemistry. The superhero plot on the other hand was hard to buy. The writer did not really give a strong reason why he need to be a superhero. Sure he become one to win back his family, but he never been portrayed to be a man with a good heart anyway. The two face element of Superbro is interesting but was not utilized enough to give an interesting character There was several plot hole in the movie like why didn't a new commissioner was selected when the previous was killed, and why did Cicakman retired in the first place ? Also the ending was totally anti-climatic. The moment you see the ending, it totally took you out from the movie and that is unfortunate.

The story also for some reason, full of dirty jokes. I think they were supposed to be funny but none of them again really land and come out as just bunch of cheap attempt. Also that makes we wonder, who the target audience for this movie ? If it is for kid, which the dirty jokes ? If this for adult, they are not funny anyway.  Also you would think no one would pull another Spiderman 3 dancing ever, but Cicakman 3 did it while it was good, but my God it was ridiculous.

I do like the fighting scene. It has a smooth camera shot and doesn't use too much of quick cut. Some of the action looks inventive as well like the fighting scene in the train and at the amusement park. Some of the action was obviously speed up but the choreograph of the fight most of the time still looks good.

Design wise, Metrofulus looks closer to Malaysia but my God it was CGI galore. It feels like every single building in the movie was made from CGI. In fact, Cicakman 1 and 2 has a better CGI city that this one. Superbro suit doesn't really make sense as the armor doesn't cover the whole body and the motorcycle helmet look really out of the place. Cicakman suit looks better somehow despite how unrip Zizan is but the mask looks too shiny.

Acting wise, everyone is good is this movie. Zizan carry himself really well as a superhero and provide a good chemistry with Zizan. Fizz Fairuz did the thing he become crazy for now reason at the end but he still good in it. Everyone else, kind of take it or leave. Azizah Mahzan wear a lone ranger costume for no reason and Bell Ngasri as comic relief but none of his joke really land in this movie anyway.

Finally the technical part. Again the CGI throughout the movie were bad. It started with a bad CGI statue broke apart which represent the CGI department perfectly. The were some obvious CGI  replacement for Cicakman throughout the movie. Superbro flying effect was good but at part it was obvious he was hang on a wire. As mentioned, the city was CGI galore and even if you putting them side by side with the likes of Arrow and The Flash, the CGI in Cicakman were pale in comparison. Also why is there a public phone booth all over the city. It was an outdated reference and it seems like they just put everywhere.

However, nothing disturb me more that the sound. It was obviously rerecorded later in the production line. Zizan's and Lisa's were not that obvious, but Azizah Mahzan and the kid's voice at times doesn't gel with the scene. I know that most movie rerecorded their line again anyway but this one was way too obvious.

Overall, Cicakman 3 was a good idea but a poor execution. I was so excited with this movie but so disappointed with the result. KRU Studio should tone down their special effect and try to aim for a more realistic approach next I think.  For this movie I have to give it a 2.0 out 5.0. Good chemistry and acting, there is good moment and part, but failed in delivery in term of special effect, story delivery and jokes.

What do you think of Cicakman 3 ? Have you watch it ? Leave your comment down below or through my Facebook pages. Stay tuned for the review of Batman vs. Robin later this week. Don't forget to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube and Tapastic. Finally, don't forget to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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