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The Promise; What YOU should know

Comikrew August Preview

August promises the returns of Chronicle and the debut of The Promise. Will there be any review ? What else for everyone to look for ? Hit the jump to check what to expect this upcoming month.

What YOU should know before The Promise

This August, the story that begins in Love Story in Eids will finally conclude with a five-issue miniseries The Promise. Before that, lets do some recap so we can be fully prepared when the miniseries finally kicks off.

Fairy Tail final chapter review

Fairy Tail finally followed the other two giant manga; Naruto and Bleach reaching its final chapter yesterday. With Bleach being baffling and disappointing and Naruto being okay and uplifting, which end does Fairy Tail went for its conclusion ? And does it provides the satisfaction to the reader ? Hit the jump to find out. FULL SPOILER FOR THE SERIES

Despacito, Fifty Shades Darker and more censorship fiasco

  Yesterday RTM announced that it has banned Despacito to be played on all their media channel. Censorship has become a massive issue in Malaysia lately, and so is this action acceptable or is this another Beauty and the Beast ? Hit the jump to find out my thought.

D23 2017 Recap

Big Alladin announcement, exciting new look of Star Wars Episode 8, and massive Avengers 3: Infinity Wars revealed shown in D23 Expo. Hit the jump to check out the recap of the Ultimate Disney Fan Event.