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Batman vs. Robin is a continuation of Son of Batman and DC animation second release this year after the lackluster Throne of Atlantis. How does this stand in the mix of other releases of DC Animation ? Hit the jump to get my thought about it.

Batman vs. Robin kicked off six months after Son of Batman and both Bruce and Damien is still trying to fit in in their new environment. However, while their trust is fairly fragile, Damien was manipulated by a cult organization known as Court of Owl to take down Batman.

Batman vs. Robin has a great story. I am not really sure how close it is to the source material (Batman : Court of Owl), but it manages to explore the difficulties of Batman to have someone that he must trust and difficulties of Robin to unconsciously live up to Batman's expectation. There is some part that the story lost me, I got to that later, but overall I really like the story.

As expected from Jay Oliva, the story has a lot of sexual element and some violence, but not at the cost of the emotional moment. The young Bruce Wayne - Alfred moment was exceptionally good. Also, I really really love the fighting scene in this movie especially the Robin-Batman fighting scene on the rooftop. It was fluid and not a lot of cross cut which I really appreciate. Animation wise, it looks more and more like an anime (not that I am complaining)  and the character design has got so much better.

Cast wise, I gotten use to Jason O'Mara Bruce Wayne-Batman voice more and more. Everyone else was good. Kevin Conroy made a cameo appearance as Thomas Wayne which when you heard his voice you immediately know that him and kind off took you off the movie for a while.


There is several Easter egg in the movie. There is a tease of Nightwing-Starfire relationship. It is kind of odd to have Nightwing that feel annoyed about Damien becoming a Robin because in the comic, it was Tim Drake who feel that but I guess they don't want to dilute to much of the bat-family in the movie.

If there any flaws, the twist was sort of expected. I was able to guess a certain character was a part of Court of Owl but not as far as what they did in the movie. Also the movie suffers on two issues. First, Nightwing stole the movie when he appeared and then team up with Batman. Secondly, the vilain suffers the 'go crazy for no reason syndrome'. 

Overall, Batman vs. Robin is far better release compared to Throne of Atlantis and must be watched if you are a fan of Batman, Damien, or even Nightwing. For that I give the move 3.5 out 5.0. It was good, but the villain goes crazy for no reason took me out from the movie .

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