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Convergence finale preview

DC wraps their multiverse events today with Convergence #8. How does this last wraps up what happen in both Futures End and World Ends ? And what does it means for DC Divergence ? Hit the jump to see my thought on it.

Comikrew Ramadhan/Raya Special preview

While it was planned to release this Wednesday, something else come up on that day. So we decided to release Love Tale in Lebaran prologue early along with the preview of release dates for all the titles set for Comikrew's Ramadhan/Raya special.

Tomorrowland Review

Tomorrrowland is the newest outing the genius mind of Brad Bird. This seemingly has been his dream project and the main reason why he declined to direct Star Wars. Does it worth it ? Hit the jump to see my thought of the movie.

Skuad Satria #9 is now available at Mat Komik

Skuad Satria takes a turn in this issue as the fight to take down Dice finally begin. Hit the jump to see Cim and his team attempt to infiltrate the base .

The Flash season finale review

The Flash concludes its first season with episode 23, Fast Enough. With Harrison Wells /Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash now in captivity, will Barry runs back in time to save his mom ? Hit the jump to see my thought on this finale and season 1 overall. BEWARE : HEAVY SPOILER

Comikrew announced Special Ramadhan/Raya Event

As announced earlier this May, all of Comikrew comic will go to hiatus for a special Ramadhan/Raya event. Hit the jump to see what's in store as well as this year theme.

Mad Max Fury Road review

Mad Max Fury Road set up to relive the Mad Max franchise after the badly accepted Beyond Thunderdome. Can this old franchise rise back and stand out among other movies ? Hit the jump to know my thought.

Arrow Season 3 finale review

Arrow wraps up its season 3 with the episode 22-My Name is Oliver Queen. After being considered  a quite mediocre season, can this finale redeem back this much beloved series ? Hit the jump to see my thought.

Chronicle #17 is now available at Tapastic.

A new chapter of Chronicle is now available on Tapastic. Hit the jump to see the last chapter before big finale as Pat's team finally reassemble.

Batman: Earth One Volume 2 and Secret Wars #1 review

After a successful released of the first volume of Batman:Earth One, the duo of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank returns for the second volume featuring Riddler and Killer Croc as the villains. What do I think of this graphic novel ? Hit the jump to find out, also my thought of Secret Wars #1.

Skuad Satria #8 is now available at Mat Komik

While it has been out for quite some time, I only have time to post this now. Hit the jump to see the newest issue of Skuad Satria as Rania tries to save Hikmal after being captured by Dice.

Free Comic Book Day title review

Last Saturday was a Free Comic Book Day. Both DC and Marvel released special titles as a preview for their upcoming titles after their big summer events. Hit the jump to see my thought of the special issues. BEWARE : FULL SPOILER.