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Chronicle: Earth Union is back !!
Celoteh 'O first episode
Gerak Khas: Undercover First thought
Star Wars The Last Jedi movie review
Justice League movie review

Stickerman: CHU 0RIGIN is available at !!

CHU 0RIGIN continues this week with the origin of Stickerman. Hit the jump to read Comikrew's incarnation of Spiderman !!

Comikrew Studio July 2013 - Sept. 2013 Solicitations.

A special three issue Raya comic and a revamped origin of a CHU character. Hit the jump to see what is stored for you for the next three months before National Crisis hit the shelves !!

First Look of CHU 0RIGIN: Stickerman

After being delayed, Stickerman finally hit the shelf next week. Check out as Stickerman teams up with The Peacekeeper to stop a raging enemy in the first look of CHU 0RIGIN: Stickerman.

Man of Steel Review : SPOILER ALERT

So with the mixed review of critics and movie-goers, what do I think of Man of Steel ? Hit the jump to see my thought in the beginning of DC Cinematic Universe. BEWARE SPOILER ALERT

Scoutsknight #3 is available at

The finale for Countdown 2 National Crisis is finally here as Scoutsknight concludes !! Hit the jump to read the final chapter of Scoutsknight !!

Terminology and Jargon pt. 2 : Who's Who in the Comic Book Movie World.

On this week Term and Jarg, I'll answered why Spiderman is yet to appear in The Avengers live action movie. Hit the jump to find out.

First Look of Scoutsknight #3

Scoutsknight heading to conclusion next week as the battle between Hikmal and Maya resumes. Hit the jump to see the final part of Scoutsknight.

Terminologi and Jargon pt. 1 :- Who's who In Comic Book World

Some of the question that I get is why is Batman is not a part of Avengers ? Well in this first part of Term and Jarg, I'll answered that question for you once and for all.