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Comikrew August Preview

Chronicle and Skuad Satria reach the big finale and a special shorts for Comikrew Love Story will be what waiting this August in Comikrew Studio. Hit the jump to see what to expect as the regular titles returns.

National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure is now available to read at Tapastic

Comikrew Eid Special event ends with the final title; Lebaran Adventure. Hit the jump to see the characters of National Crisis celebrates Eid in their own weird way.

Attack of the Hantu Raya is now available to read

Happy Eid Mubarak !! The next title for Comikrew Eid event special is finally now available on both Tapastic and Mat Komik. Hit the jump to read the newest Eid special title that features the continuation of Ziera's story from Love Tale from Lebaran.

Kasih Lebaran #3 is now available,Comikrew reveals Raya special poster,and talks about Attack of the Hantu Raya

With Eid is only few days away, Comikrew Studio finally releases Raya special poster and talk a little bit about the upcoming Eid Special titles; Attack of the Hantu Raya. Hit the jump to check it out.

Love Tale in Lebaran : Forgiveness and Kasih Lebaran : Harapan is now available

The last and final part of Love Tale in Lebaran is now available to read at Tapastic and you can keep up with the Malay version as the second part is now available. Hit the jump to read them.