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Comikrew October preview

I'm might be light on my own release schedule next month, but the world is not. With NYCC is coming, fall TV series finally kicking off, and few surprise released, October might be the busiest month of all. Hit the jump to see what's coming next month on Comikrew.

Chronicle #41 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle #41 kicks off the final arc of Helios Dragon with the Hunt of Helios Dragon. Hit the jump as Helios Dragon, Trowa, and their allies trying to escape from the Helios Military.

Quan2co premiere review

My fall drama season finally kicks off (well, it already last week), but officially with the premiere of Quantico season 2; spelled Quan2co (really ?). Well, despite that awful name, Quantico is still my most anticipated drama for this year. Hit the jump to find out my thought on its first episode.

Chronicle #40 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle returns as it concludes the second part of its Helios Dragon arc. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter.

Reviewstravaganza : Alif Dalam 7 Dimensi review

I didn't watch much Malay movie, but this one caught my attention because it has a comic book tie-in as well as the theme that similar to my Bunyan's concept idea. Hit the jump to find my thought of the first (?) Malay movie that I watched at the cinema this year.

Malaysian shows I considered timeless part 1

We are currently in the patriotic period as we just got pass our 59th Independence and heading towards our 52nd celebration of the formation of Malaysia. So I thought I want to talk a little bit about Malaysian shows that I considered timeless. This shows are what I considered trailblazers, and responsible shaping the landscape of Malaysia TV nowadays.