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DC Comics Trinity War review (SPOILER ALERT)

Last July, DC Comics came up with their Justice League Titles crossover events, Trinity War. As the events ended last Wednesday with Justice League #23, hit the jump to hear my thoughts of the events. BEWARE : SPOILER ALERT. Geoff Johns has done a lot of things in numerous titles that were absolutely spectacular to read; Flashpoint, Green Lanterns and don't forget how he made Aquaman cool again. Trinity War while it was a great event, it still come up short compared to Flashpoint. By all means, this doesn't mean it was a bad read but you can see some of the obvious weakness of the story when you're reading it. Trinity War basically tied up all the loose end that have build up in all the Justice League titles for this two years. When Superman seemingly killed Dr. Light, all League breaks loose as they find the most logical explanation of Superman's action while at the same time dealing with the mysterious Pandora and the villainous Secret Society. The strength of

Di Tebing Dosa is now available at MangaMagazine !!

While waiting for National Crisis, we brought you a special one-shot; Di Tebing Dosa. Hit the jump to read more. Beware : THIS COMIC CONTAINS MATURED CONTENTS.

Kick-Ass 2 Review (Mild Spoiler)

Last week the next installment of Kick Ass 2 was released last week ? And how does I feel about it ? Hit the jump to find out. Beware, MILD SPOILER

Di Tebing Dosa's Solicitations and First Look

Set to be released on August 30th, here is the solicitations and first look of Comikrew's special one-shot; Di Tebing Dosa.

Kasih Lebaran part 3 is now available at

  Happy Eid-Mubarak !! As Raya is finally here so do the conclusion of Kasih Lebaran. Hit the jump to read the conclusion of this special event.

First Look at the conclusion of Kasih Lebaran (Malay Version)

With a few more days to Raya, Kasih Lebaran is heading to its conclusion. Check out the first look of the final part as Tri is trying to ask forgiveness from a very familiar character to SMAP fan !!