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Editorial : Don't Judge a Major by Its Amount of Exam

Does the amount of exam per semester equals to the easiness of a major ? Well, today I'm writing discussing on this topic and dive into the validity of the phrase.

National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice #3 is now available at Tapastic

Finally National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice will conclude today !! Who lives? Who dies? Everything (mostly) will be answered here !! Hit the jump to read more !!

APAC'S Art Voice Exhibition Report

Last week was a big week as Comikrew Studio involved in Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) Art Voice Exhibition. Displaying Aoi's Love Diary, here is a quick report of the event.

First Look at National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice #3

Concluding next week, here is the first look of National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice which sees Armain struggle to escape from The Doctor and Payne.

APAC's Art Voice Exhibit

It's a big week for Comikrew Studio!! Know why because one of our comic is chosen for an art exhibition !! More detail after jump.

National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice is now out Tapastic

National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice is back after a month hiatus !! Take a look at the preview of the comic as Armain found out the truth behind Mukhriz disappearance !!

First Look of National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice #2

After a month hiatus, get the first look of National Crisis 0RIGIN:dice #2 as the mystery of Mukhriz's disappearance is finally revealed !!

This Raya, Embrace the love !!

With a long gap between the ending of Countdown 2 National Crisis and the event itself, fans are wondering will they gonna get another long hiatus? Fear not because we already had a SPECIAL plan for that.