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Diari Malaysia Asyikin is now available on !!

It's finally here !! Diari Malaysia Asyikin #1 finally hit the web. Hit the jump to read the debut episode of this brand new comic !!

Sneak Peek of Diari Malaysia Asyikin debut episode.

Ahead of its release next week, here is a sneak peek of Diari Malaysia Asyikin debut episode featuring what you can expect from the episode  !!

Everything about Chronicle

Last week we introduce you to Diari Malaysia Asyikin, so we continue our introduction to 2014 titles with another title set to come out in 2014 ; Chronicle.

CHU 0RIGIN trivia !!

CHU 0RIGIN ended few weeks ago. So now we'll gave you a little bit of interesting trivia after the jump.

Diari Malaysia Asyikin trailer hits !!

After the first introduction last week, here is the trailer for Diari Malaysia Asyikin as well as new image for the debut episode.

Ultraman Ultra Power fiasco

In the recent event of the Ultraman fiasco, here is my thought on this issue an who I think is at fault here.

Everything about Diari Malaysia Asyikin !!

Last week we've seen the end of CHU event. So for this week, we'll give you all you need to know about our upcoming comic starting with Diari Malaysia Asyikin !!