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Love Tale in Lebaran : Hopes and Kasih Lebaran: Penyesalan is now available

Love Tale in Lebaran continues with its second chapter on Tapastic while Kasih Lebaran finally kicks off on Mat Komik.Hit the jump to read both of them.

Love Tale in Lebaran: Regrets is now available on Tapastic

The time is finally here. The first issue of Love Tale in Lebaran is now available to read on Tapastic. Hit the jump to check out what happens two years after the incident in the prologue.

Comikrew Raya Special trailer is out and feettri talks about Love Tale in Lebaran

Ahead of the releases of the first part of Love Tale in Lebaran, Comikrew Studio has released the trailer for this year raya event as well and Feettri Ibrahim (writer/artist of Love Tale in Lebaran) talks about what to expect for the title.

Justice League : God and Monster Chronicles review

Justice League : God and Monster Chronicles is a series of short videos released on Machinima as prologue for the upcoming Justice League : God and Monster movie set to released this July. What do I think of this incarnation of a darker and twisted Trinity ? Hit the jump to check it out.

Reviewstravaganza : Apokalips X

Apokalips X is a movie that came out about a year ago, but I decided to watch last week because I was re-watching Crows Zero 2 and remembered my brother told me the movie took inspiration from Crows Zero. Hit the jump to know why I decided to review this 1 year old movie.

Terminology and Jargon : Nerd vs Geek vs Otaku vs NEET vs Fake Nerd

  While many might be unaware, being a nerd is now a cool thing due to the rising of comic book and superhero movie, the advancement of gadgetry, things like anime and manga now become something that is somewhat mainstream. But then again, who is considered as a nerd ? Hit the jump to find out.