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Naruto Gaiden review

So I was expecting this to be release next week but well, surprise! surprise! It came out yesterday so here is a very special review of Naruto Gaiden chapter one.

Before I start, a little bit of synopsis. Naruto Gaiden starts probably few months after chapter 700 of Naruto Shippuden and will focus on Naruto's kid and potentially Sasuke's kid as hinted in this first chapter. For the first chapter, the kids are getting ready for their graduation exam for the lower level ninja. It seems like this take place before the upcoming Boruto : A Naruto the Movie.

If you haven't watch The Last Naruto the Movie yet, don't worry, you won't be confused because that movie took place between chapter 699 and 700 of Naruto Shippuden. Now we got all that cover, lets dive into the story.

Honestly, I thought the story start off a little weak. You were kind of confused on what's happening and most of the pages seemingly just trying to reestablish the character again. If you read my review for chapter 700, you know that one of my problem with that chapter is Masashi Kishimoto try to give all the character a fitting conclusion and it seems a little bit force especially when everyone somehow got married. In this chapter, again he tries to put as many character he could and some character was unnecessarily appear throughout the chapter.

One thing that seems to be bothering me a little bit is that all the kid is rebelling to their parents. None of the new character has been establish to have a good relationship with their parents (with the exception of probably Himawari; Naruto's daughter). That was not the case for the original cast of Naruto. Shikamaru seems to have a good relationship with his dad despite him being reluctant to everything but here his son seems to be reluctant and a bit rebellious to him.

Despite that, the story ended with a very interesting question and Kishimoto hinted on a return of a certain Uzumaki character and I am excited about it. For now I am cautiously optimistic and looking forward to see where the story goes.

Design wise, I am getting used to Naruto and Sakura adult look. However, I am not a fan of Sasuke adult look, though I had to say it is really awesome to see Sakura wearing the Uchiha emblem on her dress.

Overall I give the first chapter of Naruto Gaiden 3 out 5. A weak start but it manage to pull attention by its ending. Hopefully it would not become a carbon copy of  Naruto itself.

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