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2016 SDCC recap

SDCC 2016 was happening last week and all sort of things happen. From the who-cares kind of news to some mind blowing jaw dropping news were released. So today (I was supposed to do this yesterday), I'll recap some of the news that caught my attention.

The final chapter of Eid Without You is now available at Tapastic

The final chapter of Comikrew Eid Ramadhan event is now available at Tapastic. Hit the jump to see the aftermath of what happen at the end of the previous part.

Lebaran Tanpamu is now available at Mat Komik

Lebaran Tanpamu, the malay version of Eid Without You is now available to read at Mat Komik. Hit the jump to check it out. Beware, it will spoil the end of Eid Without You set to release next Wednesday.