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Comikrew Studio September Preview

With National Crisis comes to an end and Chronicle concludes the Pirate Brotherhood arc, September should be a big month for Comikrew Studio. What to expect from Comikrew Studio next month ? Know it all after the jump.

Notebook of Loves is now available to read at Tapastic

After taking a short rest post the Eid Special event, Comikrew Love Story is back with another shorts, Notebook of Loves. Hit the jump to see what to expect from this comic.

Skuad Satria #10 is now available at Mat Komik

Skuad Satria returns to Mat Komik after a long hiatus. Hit the jump to see Aswad and Su Claz struggle to fight Dice's Super Soldier; Payne.

Chronicle #20 is now available at Tapastic.

The finale for Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood continues this week as we found out the secret behind Pat Allebach's anger. Hit the jump to read the 20th chapter of Chronicle.

Reviewstravaganza : Te@mare

Ben is finally back at Gempakstarz with his new title; Te@mare. With two volumes now available, I finally got the chance to read them. What do I think about it ? Hit the jump to find out.

Comikrew Studio : August and beyond

Past Eid Special event, Comikrew will undergo a little bit of changes as I having several new commitment past August. What have changes ? Hit the jump to figure it out.

Chronicle #18 & #19 is now available at Tapastic.

After a few months hiatus, Chronicle is back with a special double issue, kicking off its finale for Pirate Brotherhood arc. Hit the jump to see Pirate Brotherhood attempt to infiltrate Central's high security prison.