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Chronicle #45 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle's third arc; Helios Dragon is about to reach its conclusion with this week penultimate chapter. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter as the battle between Central Task Force and Pirate Brotherhood head to its conclusion.

Comikrew December preview

The very final chapter of Chronicle : Helios Dragon and the long awaited my CKOM submission is coming this December. But that's not just it, as December proved to be a jam packed month. Hit the jump to see the preview of next month.

Chronicle #44 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle continues its climaxing battle for Helios Dragon in this chapter as Pirate Brotherhood finally enter the ring. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter of the series.

Comikrew November preview

November will be big for Comikrew as Chronicle reaches its penultimate chapter and CKOM is back for another year with a silent comic theme. Hit the jump to find out what are coming to Comikrew this month.

Doctor Strange Review

Marvel Studio released their MCU movie with Doctor Strange. Introducing magic (sort-of), and has been praised for its visual, where did this movie stands up between the rest of great MCU movies and the 'just-fine' MCU movies ? Hit the jump to find out.