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Comikrew February 2016 Preview

The month of love is coming !! With that get ready to get a tonnes of love story through Comikrew Love Story. Also, Chronicle Intermission arc concludes with chapter 31. More details on what's coming in February after the jump.

Batman : Bad Blood review

DC Animated kicks off their 2016 with the release of Batman : Bad Blood. Act as the direct sequel of Batman Vs. Robin, does DC Animated manages to gain a good start for this year or will it be another lackluster release from this trusted brand ? Hit the jump to know my thought.

Chronicle #30, Intermission part 8 is now available at Tapastic

The penultimate chapter of Chronicle's Intermission arc is finally available at Tapastic. After what happen at the end of the previous chapter, can Nia Azmir survives the attack from The Desert Pirate's leader ? Hit the jump to find out.

Feettri Ibrahim talks about Love Marathon

This February, Comikrew Studio will have its first 2016 event; Love Marathon. What is Love Marathon ? What you should you be expecting from this event ? Hit the jump to find out.

Is 'Oh My Ganu 2 !' a good versus episode ?

Last Saturday, the newest season of Oh My English concludes its season with Telemovie Oh My Ganu 2. With the versus plot line seemingly trending this year, I was wondering, what makes a good versus episode  and does Oh My Ganu 2 fulfill the criteria ? BEWARE: FULL SPOILER.

Chronicle #29, Intermission part 7 is now available at Tapastic

Intermission chapter continues with part 7 as Nia finally facing off with The Desert Pirate leader for rematch. Hit the jump to check it out.

Skuad Satria #18 (final issue) is now available at Mat Komik

The wait finally over !! The final issue of Skuad Satria is here !! Hit the jump as the story of Malaysia's Superhero concludes and the end of my superhero project (for now)

Skuad Satria #17 is finally available at Mat Komik

After a very long delay, the second final issue of Skuad Satria is now available at Mat Komik. Hit the jump to see the conclusion of the battle between Hackerdroid and Virus.

Comikrew 10 Most Anticipated movies of 2016

There is chocked full of movie coming out this year and especially for a comic book movie fans, it is a great year to be alive.However with so many movie coming up, there has to be some that you are excited to see more that others and so here are Comikrew's 10 most anticipated movies of 2016

Quick 2015 recap, Comikrew January preview, and Comikrew 2016 preview

Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016 !! With Comikrew Studio entering a new decades, a lot more plans are being made to bring Comikrew Studio to a wider audiences and entertain long time fan. So for this very first post of 2016, lets recap things that I missed in 2015, what's coming in January and what's coming in 2016.