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Comikrew May Preview

This May, Nia Azmir returns to Chronicle and big announcement is coming to Comikrew Studio. Hit the jump to see what are coming to Comikrew this May.

Chronicle #35 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle continues with the first encounter of Trowa and Helios Dragon. Can Onimaru deal with the deranged mysterious prisoner ? Hit the jump to read the next chapter of Chronicle

Reviewstravaganza : Wonder Woman: Earth One

The Earth One series added another title in its line up with Wonder Woman written by the legendary Grant Morrison. How does this title stands up with the rest of Earth One line up and does Grant Morrison able to maintain its reputation ? Hit the jump to know my thought.

Chronicle #34 is now available at Tapastic

The new chapter of Chronicle is now available to read at Tapastic. Hit the jump to see the first meeting of Trowa and the mysterious Helios Dragon.

Reviewstravaganza : Digimon Adventure Tri part 2

Digimon Adventure Tri continues with its second part; Determination. Following the aftermath of the big battle, the DigiDestined now getting a new allies but what secret lies within Mochizuki Meiko ? Hit the jump to find out my thought in this second part of the series.

Justice League vs Teen Titans review

DC Animated finally releases their newest animation this year, though not the most anticipated (that would The Killing Joke), Justice League vs Teen Titans. I enjoy Batman : Bad Blood, so will enjoy this one as well? Hit the jump to find out.