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Comikrew Studio April Preview

April will be a busy month for me as my graduation will be on stakes in this month. However, that doesn't mean I won't be giving out some comics. Hit the jump to see what titles set to release next month.

Chronicle #14 is now available on Tapastic

Nia Azmir's back story continues in this second part as we jumped back to the past when she first arrived at Ummu Yatim's orphanage. Hit the jump to see what trigger her hatred towards terrorist.

National Crisis on a hiatus, future of Comikrew Studio

This week issue of National Crisis marks the beginning of the hiatus of the title. What does this mean as Comikrew Studio moving forward ? Hit the jump to know about it.

National Crisis #17 is now available at Tapastic

National Crisis concludes Origin arc with the final part of Hackerdroid's origin. Hit the jump to see as Hackerdroid finally faces off Virus infected Daniel.

Chronicle #13 is now available at Tapastic

The back story of Nia Azmir begins this week with Chronicle #13. Hit the jump to read the first part of origin story as Nia returns to her hometown.

Skuad Satria #5 is now available at Mat Komik

The first arc of Skuad Satria finally ends as Armain attempt to escape from becoming Mukhriz's next test subject. Hit the jump to check out the fifth issue of Skuad Satria.

National Crisis #16 is now available on Tapastic

It a race against time to save Dannie in National Crisis #16. Hit the jump to see the second part of Hackerdroid's origin as Azizi offers Jimmy the only way to save his friend.