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Chronicle : The Demon's Son is now available at Tapastic

Its finally here !! The brand new ongoing from Comikrew Studio finally hit the web. Hit the jump to check out Chronicle: The Demon's Son.

First Good Look at Chronicle:The Demon's Son

With Chronicle debuts next week, here is the first good look at Chronicle : The Demon's Son featuring the first meet of Dante and Trowa.

Son of Batman review (Mild Spoiler)

Son of Batman is the newest DC animated outing after Justice League:War. What do I think of the movie ? Hit the jump to find out.

Second trailer for Chronicle:The Demon's Son debut !!

Three more weeks before Chronicle:The Demon's Son hit the web, in the meantime, check out the second trailer for the upcoming webcomic !!

First look of Chronicle: The Demon's Son

Debuting on April 28th, 2014, here is the first look of Chronicle:The Demon's Son featuring the characters expected to appear in the first part of the new on-going series.

Captain America : The Winter Soldier review (mild spoiler)

Captain America : The Winter Soldier has been released in the United States today. Hit the jump to check out my review on the movie. BEWARE MILD SPOILER