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The Promise; What YOU should know

Chronicle #52 is now available on Tapastic.

Chronicle continues to with a new chapter as Azu Muto reunites with the person he hates the most. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter.

The Dying Culture of Hobby

This is also another topic that's been lingering in mind quite recently. Has the arrival of social media killed the culture that we called hobby ? I believe so, but I think it's not the only reason. Hit the jump to find out.

Beauty & The Beast postponement ; rational or ridiculous

The breaking yesterday was that the screening of Beauty & The Beast has been postponed due to internal review for its portrayal of gay people. Of course, it has cause an uproar nationwide. However, is it rational ? Hit the jump to read my thought about this issue.

Chronicle #51 is now available on Tapastic

The road to Earth Union starts here as a new story arc kicks off in Chronicle. Hit the jump to read the newest chapter as Pirate Brotherhood finally reaches their mysterious destination.

Logan review

Hugh Jackman bid his farewell towards his most recognizable role ever with Wolverine's third solo movie; Logan. Can Jackman leave this role in high note with his swan song ? Hit the jump to find out.

Terminology and Jargon ; Juxtaposition

Kicking off March is a topic that I wanted to write for quite some time. Juxtaposition is might a rare word to some, but you have no idea how often it has been used in our daily life. Hit the jump to dive into this extremely powerful tool.