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Chronicle #47 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle returns with a brand new arc !! Hit the jump to read the very first chapter of Earth Union as well as the prologue to February's Love Marathon.

feettri talks about Chronicle :Earth Union and the ending of Helios Dragon

Chronicle is returning to Comikrew with the new arc; Earth Union. Helios Dragon kicks off with a three year gap, so what can expect from Earth Union ? and how does the story connected with the upcoming event; Love Marathon ? Hit the jump to find out.

Secret of the Batu Belah is now available at Tapastic

Comikrew Love Story is finally back !! As to kicking off 2017, I thought what better than another take of Malay folklore. Hit the jump to check out my previously submission for DonK, Secret of the Batu Belah.

Comikrew 10 most anticipated movies of 2017

As usual, slew of movies will be released this year and some of them will end up become the movie that you've been anticipated for your whole life. So as per usual, I'll be listing my 10 most anticipated movies for this year. Which one make the cut ? Hit the jump to find out.

Comikrew 2017 preview

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017 !! So, if you followed the FB pages , then you should have seen the Welcome 2017 poster with 4 characters filling it up. So, to kick start 2017, lets check out what's coming to Comikrew in this what expected to be a busy year.