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FUH... LAMA GILER AKU X POST KT BLOG NIE.... LPS AKU POST DUA TIGA POST DLM BI HARI NIE AKU NK CKP BM SKET.      Baru- baru nie akku blek umah mak aku nk buka puasa skali. Maklum r minggu first pose. Jd, kebetulan umah dah di reorder so nampak lain sket.Tp ble aku masuk bilik aku, aku tgk adik aku ngah main 'poke'mon ( fb merosakkan bhs aku) pokemon r atau pocket monster.Jd hari nie aku nk ckp psl generasi game pokemon. FIRST GENERATION                    First generation ada empat generasi iaitu Pokemon Red , Pokemon Blue, Pookemon Yellow, dan Pokemon Green. Game nie menampilkan first region dlm anime Pokemon iaitu Kanto yg. terdiri drpd Pallet Town hingga Cinnabar Island plus Indigo Plateau. Game nie lebih menyerupai anime Pokemon yg. sebenar terutamanya Pokemon Yellow yg. membolehkan korang gne Pikachu. Klau Red ,Blue, dan Green lak korang bleh pilih antara tiga ; Bulbasaur, Charmender, dan Squirtle. Game nie korang akan role-play watak Ash dan korangnye enemy lak adal


Hello we meet again in this informative post on US University. Today we jump straight to the point today. I would like to talk about University of Washington, Seattle.Those who are interested with me, may apply to this university as i'm applying the same university too. APPLYING REQUIREMENT You SPM results must not have grades with C and at least B. All applicants must submit your TOEFL or IELTS and compulsory to meet the minimum requirement. To view the minimum requirement for these exam, you may click here . For you SAT reasoning test and ACT test, it is optional to sent it. However you are encourage to sent it. The mark for the SAT reasoning test is minimum 550 for critical reading and ACT marks for English is 22. For more information, click at here. HOW TO APPLY In order apply to this university, you are require to open an account at the university.  There are a lot to tell about. Explore by yourself through here and here too. INTERVIEW No interview!!!! A


Okey, today i would like to help those are applying for US University. My group and me are  collecting important information for the University in United States ( especially The Ivy). So starting for today, little by little information of the US University will be posted in this blog. So, you have to visit this blog to gain some information or can directly go to my facebook, and get the link.( this information would implies to all JPA scholarship holder as you are required to apply to this Ivy if you are applying as freshmen. What is Ivy? that you have to find by yourself, not all information can be spoon feed. So for this post, i would to give some information in applying the well known Harvard University.   REQUIREMENT FOR APPLYING Compulsory to submit the SAT reasoning test or ACT test ( either one) with writing component and two SAT subject test even you all are submitting the the results of the school leaving test. January administration is the final exam test for the candida

S.M.A.P. season 4 edisi novel grafik !!!!

Today I want to talk about my newest installment of my most favorite comic which is non other than S.M.A.P. ( Sebuah Momento Atas Persahabatan ). However what it is the relationship between this newest installment of S.M.A.P. with Uniten? That will be explained later but right now, I'm promoting rthe newest installment of S.M.A.P. which is S.M.A.P.season 4 that has been posted in my blog for two episode before. The graphic novel has out and those who are to have it may contact me through this blog!!! ok?      Okey, lets have some brief summary of S.M.A.P. season 4....                              "After the graduation of UMSA and Shahri Rusman (Lunar a.k.a Full Moon) case was solved, K', Im and all their friends are taking their own road. Im is working at Comikrew Studio while taking care of Eyza 's mom. K' is now the COO (Chief Operating Officer ) at his father's company ; Z.Z. Company. Meanwhile, Ida is currently one of the worker at the N-Vek Corp. as Hik

National Manga Competition

Hari nie aku nk ckp psl satu pertandingan yg. baru dianjurkn utk. menggalakkan lg industri komik kt Malaysia. National Manga Competition yg. aku diadakan dr sekarang sampai 30 November. lama tue!!! utk maklumat lanjut bleh rujuk kt sini . tue je nk ckp. majulah komik utk. negara!! chiaoo!!!