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The Spade #1 is out !!!

As promised, The Spade #1 is out and you can check it at Tapastic just by clicking the picture above !! With that CHU is officially begin !!!

New stuff in Comikrew Studio !!

Hi, guys !! Well if you check it out on Comikrew Studio lately, you'll see some new stuff is up on our blog !! So, here I'll gonna tell you a little bit for those who don't know what new stuff we have here. Comikrew Studio Website. Awesome isn't it? We finally have a website !!! It still in the process of development but you see some stuff is on it know and you can expect more in the future !! Most of the stuff is typically the same as what you can find here but check it out regularly because there is a lot more coming up there soon !! Illustration A new section which is also a part of Comikrew Studio website. There you can find a lot of illustration from Comikrew Studio from comic cover to poster and teaser to concept art, even osme historical artwork that you might never seen it before !! We'll try to keep it up to date from time to time !!  Video Old stuff but we're trying to update all the video produce by Comikrew Video Studio or we're a part o

First Look at The Spade #1

Hei guys, its been a great time in Comic Book World now. Marvel NOW! is coming to us, the epic saga Death of the Family has started, Arrow is getting better and better. So, today I take the opportunity to show the first look of the first CHU 0RIGIN comic that will come out next week; The Spade !! Aoi's Love Diary continues with the story fast forward a few years later !! The tragedy that will lead to the birth of The Spade will be revealed !! As Casey and Aoi relationship reaches to its peak, a new rival appear and this one will do anything to get Aoi.    The Spade will be out at MangaMagazine.Net next week. Don't forget to check it out and be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!! Sound what you think about The Spade in the comment section !!

Review Arrow #1

October 10 marked the beginning of a new superhero origins series after smallville left few years ago. The series entitled Arrow will focus another heroes from DC Comic; Green Arrow. Another part of this story that is interesting is it based on a world where there is no superpower which is half-connected with our CHU. Today, I'll be reviewing the first episode of Arrow and hopefully this will help you to decide whether to follow or not to follow the series after this.      Arrow basically tells the story of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who was stranded on an island for five years before he was found by some Chinese fisherman. As he returned to Starling City (apparently they think to have a city name Star City was to cartoon-ish to them), he is completely change and decided to make right to all his mistake by stopping the corrupted guy in the city guided by his father notebook (I mean like a real notebook not a galaxy note or ipad).  To do that he create an alter ego know as

Review Death Of The Family Prologue - BATMAN #13

        Few months ago, DC Comic decided to announce the return of The Joker in The Death of The Family crossover between Batman-related title. Yesterday marked the beginning of this arc with Batman #13 and Batgirl #13. However, for my review this time, I'll solely focus on Batman #13 which The Joker make his first appearance after a year.         Who didn't like Joker especially after the Late Heath Ledger successfully portrait the character in The Dark Knight. Most of us who didn't really familiar with the comic Joker, we will be directed to it as the Prince of Clown is mentioned. On the other hand, Death of the Family was also a significant arc in Batman comic. It is the moment where Jason Todd was killed and marked the birth of Red Hood. Now the bat-family is getting bigger, can the New 52 Death of the Family maintain its former reputation? It certainly promising.          The Joker that you gonna see in Batman #13 is for sure nothing like Heath's. After hi

NightMoth Origin is prepared to seduce you !!!

Few week ago , a one-word teaser of seduction is revealed, and now we know who belongs to that word. It is none other than NightMoth !!! The cover for CHU 0RIGIN for NightMoth has been revealed and we can expect it is coming soon !!!   With the background of NightMoth that we have revealed before, you might be seeing the first OT rated comic from Comikrew Studio soon. What do you think? Sound of your thought at the comment section !!!

The first CHU 0RIGIN cover unveiled !!!

After several one-word teaser have been shown here on Comikrew Studio, the first cover that will answered one of the teaser is unveiled. Apparently The word 'LOST' in one of the poster refers to The Spade. It seems like CHU will officially begin in the next three week !!!   Now that one of the teaser has been answered. Expect more answers soon. So, are you all excited? Sound your thought in the comment section !!!


Wow, for quite some time I thought I never did any of this one-word teaser but fear not because today I'll give you another one that is rather obvious !!!       I guess by now most of you can predict who is represented by this teaser. So what are you waiting for? Make a guess at the comment section !!!

National Crisis The Beginning #2 is out !!!

  Hei guys !!! Enjoy the first look ?! National Crisis The Beginning #2 is out now at Tapastic !! Check it out after the jump !!!

Avengers VS X-Men (AVX) Review

Hi, guys !!! So today (US Time) marks the end of one of Marvel biggest storyline; Avengers vs X-Men. Sounds awesome especially for those who not really been following them. I mean come on Avengers consist of Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk go toe-to-toe with X-Men consist of Cyclops, Gambit, and Magneto !!! How awesome is that right?! Well, that was I think when I first heard it but after the stories end. Does it? Well, I'm telling you first, this is full of  SPOILER !!! Don't read if you are planning to get the collection later.               The story starts by focusing directly to the another two X-Men storyline; House of M and Messiah CompleX . Mutant has been at distinction and those who are left are putting their hope to a young mutant known as Hope. Hope was told that she are destined to be the next Phoenix host (Remember Jean Grey in X-Men 3? Yeah, that kind of host). The story started when The Phoenix arrives at earth to find this so-called host. However,

First look on National Crisis The Beginning #2

Two weeks ago, we witness  the beginning of a new era in Comikrew Studio. Today I'll give you the first look of National Crisis The Beginning #2 ;Forgotten Soldier part 2. The story continues as Cim finally confront Aswad and goes into a crushing-around fight. Does Rania really knows anything about Aswad's past? National Crisis The Beginning #2 coming out this week and don't forget to check it out !!!