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Comikrew April preview

April apparently will be a slow month as only Chronicle is set to released within that month. However, more movie review are coming up. Hit the jump to know what coming to Comikrew Studio this April.

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice review

The DC Extended Universe has finally kicking off with the release of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. With the return of Superman and the addition of Batman and Wonder Woman, will this movie able to return the faith of audiences, fans and critics to the universe of will it be just as divisive as Man of Steel ? Hit the jump to know my thought.

Chronicle #33 is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle continues with its new arc as Trowa trying to figure out what cause the sudden change in Amy's attitude. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter.

Chronicle #32 returns with Helios Dragon at Tapastic

Chronicle returns in a new arc this week with Helios Dragon. But first of all, I am really sorry for the delay because some things happen when I was out of town. Check out the chapter with a special four colored pages.

Terminology and Jargon : Movie review words

Last time I talk about how to be (or not to be) great, good and bad reviewers. Today, I want to touch a little bit words commonly used in a movie reviews that you might found useful to use in your own review.