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Comic Book A-Z 2015

The return of Frank Millar's Batman, Marvel destroyed (sort of) their universe, potentially the worst mainstream Comic Book movie and more. Hit the jump to see what's the biggest comic book headlines in alphabetical order.

Star Wars : The Force Awaken review

Star Wars is BACK !! With the newest installment of this massive franchise is returning, the expectations is all time high. The questions now are can J.J. Abrams live up to that after his frustratingly rehash of Star Trek Into Darkness and can this repair the damage done by the prequel ? My thought after the jump.

To Be Reviewer or Not To Be

Some of you might aware that I occasionally review a movie, or animation, or comic book and fortunately (?) never get any hate from it. I never get this question before but  something occur recently that make me want to give my two cents on what it takes to be a good reviewer and can you become one ?

Skuad Satria #16 is now available at Mat Komik

Skuad Satria returns with its final three issue as Jimmy taking a quick crash course on how to become Hackerdroid. Hit the jump to see Jimmy trying to get to use to this new unknown tech.

Terminology and Jargon : The Multiverse, The Microverse, and The ElseWorld

With the barrage of Comic Book Movies and TV Shows available now, it is easily got confused when the show or movie got to much into the lore and it doesn't help when you geek friend are using similar confusing term in their explanation. So here are some of the famous term used in comic and comic book geek.

Chronicle #27 (Intermission part 5) is now available at Tapastic

Chronicle returns with the next chapter of the intermission as Nia Azmir prepares to face off The Desert Pirate alone. More of that after the jump.