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So Disney back with another sort of Fairy-tale animation. Does Frozen worth your money ? Hit the jump to read my thought.

I'll be honest, I don't really watch animation from Disney. I remember watching The Incredibles (no, that's Disney-Pixar), Antlantis , and of course Wreck-It-Ralph and most of other animation is either from Dreamwork or Blue Sky. Heck, Frozen wasn't in my radar until I check IMDB for upcoming animation movie. So does I  regret watching it at cinema, well the answer is a very resounding no. In fact, I would go watch it for second time if I got the chances.

To start with, the animation was spectacular. At the beginning of the movie where they introduce the kingdom of Arendile, i believe, it was beautiful. And the best part is when you put it side by side with story like Alice in Wonderland, and Oz The Great and Powerful, it looks consistent in term of color palette, and tone. In term of characters, you can still feel the look of Disney through the character especially through Anna and Elsa despite it was 3d animated. Maintaining the classic look is really important as that what make Disney so recognizable in the first place. While the snow and ice effect is almost similar to the sand effect of Sandman in Rise of The Guardian, it still look spectacular especially when it was incorporated with the ice.

In term of cast, all the cast done a very good job. While the voice of Idina may look a little bit too old for Elsa sometimes, it still work for her and you don't feel awkward watching it. Kristen Bell done a marvelous job in portraying the tomboyish but sensitive and loving Anna.

While some people doesn't like the song use in the movie, I think it works very well as it was able to attract more younger audience who know Disney musical not from Snow White or Beauty and the Beast but from High School Musical and Camp Rock. You don't want to go Les Miserables in a movie for family and kids. However I do agree that the transition between the dialogue and music sometimes feel too jarring. My favorite song is 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' which I think the cutest scene in the movie.

If there any weakness in the movie, I would say the story. Not that the story is bad, it was goods with a twist that I didn't expected. The story happens in at least two days which I think is too fast. In fact you do feel the changes in Elsa happens too fast and it doesn't make any sense. There's part in the movie that kind of confused me in term of timeline but overall you can still enjoy it.

Frozen is overall an enjoyable to go watch as a family. If you a fan of animation and Disney musical, this is a must. I really suggest this movie to everyone to see it. It is a wonderful and beautiful movie experience for everyone.

What do you think of Frozen ? Do you like it or you hate it with a flame of a thousand sun ? Leave you thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio.


  1. Nice review Feettri. A sweet movie for the whole family to see during the holidays.


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