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In the beginning of 2015, I started what I would say a soft reboot for National Crisis. One of it is to start an All-New National Crisis. So here a crash course of what is actually an All-New National Crisis

National Crisis is actually a side-quel of Chronicle of Tri, a book series that I drew before I set Comikrew Studio website. All the characters in National Crisis are actually from this series. Hence, when the series first kicked off in 2012, it hold all the continuities from where it came from and cause a problem to new readers who didn't familiar to its source material.

What is All-New National Crisis ?
This actually a soft reboot for the series and allowed it to detach from its previous continuity and exist in it own universe. It also allow new readers to jump in and enjoy as individual comic and me to explore new stories in this new stand-alone universe.

What do you need to know before jumping in ?
Nothing, the first five issues which I dubbed as the prequel arc are the only thing you need to know jumping in to the series and other questions raise throughout the story will be addressed as it goes along.

Skuad Satria #1
What's the difference between National Crisis and Skuad Satria ?
As mentioned previously Skuad Satria is the Malay translation of National Crisis. It will follow the same released arrangement as National Crisis except for special issue, for example Lebaran Adventure will be released the same time but on different issue number as National Crisis is now at issue 12 while Skuad Satria only at issue 2.

The release update
As some might realize, National Crisis is released based on announcement unlike Skuad Satria and Chronicle being released twice a month. This due to how many issues that I have finished for each title. Both Skuad Satria and Chronicle have around 10+ issues finished allowing me to have a fixed released schedule. National Crisis on the other hand have around 5 issues finished and it also take more time to draw an issue of National Crisis compared to Chronicle due to the amount of page.

Why you should read National Crisis ?
If you are looking for a Malaysian superhero comic, you can definitely found it here. As the story moves on, you can see more and more Malaysia element incorporated into the stories. If you are not for Malaysia, I would say this is a good comic to try something new because for me it has a good mix of manga and American comic.

Tease on what's next for National Crisis.
First look National Crisis #13
In two weeks I will kick off the next arc for National Crisis which is Origin and it will explore the origin of two character, Spade and Hackerdroid. Then we have a one shot before jumping to a new arc, Neo-Human which I have start to work on now.
Sneak Peek on the National Crisis upcoming issue

So have you check out National Crisis yet ? If you have, what do you think about it ? If you don't , National Crisis is available online at Tapastic. Stay tuned as we with us as we will cover Chronicle and Skuad Satria next. Also don't forget to like and subscribe us at Facebook, Youtube and Tapastic. Finally keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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