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10 Comikrew most anticipated movies of 2015

2015 is finally here and as the year of blockbuster is rolling in, what movies that I anticipate the most ? Hit the jump to see my 10 most anticipated movies this year !!

10. Cicakman 3 / Geckoman 3

Now, this is a very odd choice for me, but I kind of excited to see where this new installment of Malaysian superhero will go. Granted, it still looks too much on the comedy side, but the visual looks closer to Malaysia compared to the previous installment which was also my biggest disappointment of the last two movies. Why is it so low ? One reason is it came out in March, hence I would not be able to watch it on the opening day or whatsoever. Secondly, with superhero movies are getting more complex nowadays, I do really think Cicakman should move into a more serious theme than just purely entertainment comedy.

9. Bakuman

Another wild card choice for me, Bakuman  is a manga adaptation written and drawn by the brilliant duo of Death Note. There is not much of info of this adaptation except of casting announcement and set to be released in 2015. Because there is so little info about it, I kind of afraid that it will not be up to expectation, however, Japan does have a good track records on its manga adaptation (Ruorunin Kenshin trilogy, Death Note, and upcoming Attack of the Titan).

8. Ant -Man
This is the movie that almost destroyed Marvel brand trust. Not much known about this movie and it kind goes off the radar especially after Edgar Wright left the project. While I trust Marvel in its movies, I have doubt on how this movie will perform as it will really depends on how good Age of Ultron did.

7. The Last Naruto the Movie
 Now, before some of you got angry, I know this movie came out in 2014, but those in US and possibly everywhere else around the world will only get in 2015 (legitimately). As the interquel of the last two chapters, I am excited to how Naruto finally got together with Hinata, and will this explains some of the question that I had on the finale. Why is this on top of Ant-Man ? Unlike Ant-Man, I knew what happen in this movie, and I heard good things about this movie.

6. Mission Impossible 5
This is another movie that is shrouded in secrecy. Little know about its plot, but then again so did MI 4. Tom Cruise has been in good track records lately (MI4, Edge of Tomorrow), and I do feel I enjoyed this one more that Bonds franchise and I am excited if it can top the fourth one.

5. Star Wars 7
At number 5 is Star Wars : The Force Awaken. Why is this not higher on my list ? I'm not really a Star Wars fan and while the trailer seemingly promise us a probably a great movie, so did the trailer for Phantom Menace. However, I do excited for this new installment and say what you want about J.J. Abram but his 2009's Star Trek was great and beautiful . Hopefully he'll bring his A-game into this movie.

4. Pitch Perfect 2
Most people didn't know, but I am a big fan of the first Pitch Perfect, and I am really excited for this sequel. The first movie did a very good job balancing the story and the musical in it. I am  really excited to see what they would do to top the first one.

3. Furious 7
At number 3 is Furious 7. I start to become a big fan of this franchise since the fifth movie. It is ridiculous, no doubt, but I do think it is the best action movie franchise to give us an all-out  action but to include emotion and message in it.  This movie got delayed due to Paul Walker's death, and I am excited to see how they will deal with that in the movie, and will it affect the movie's performance in the box office.

2. Mockingjay Part 2
 At number 2 is Mockingjay part 2. Most people dislike Part 1, but I do think it was a bold move to give such an action-less movie but at the same time maintain its intensity. This is the only young adult novel that I actually watched and transcend the genre (other than Harry Potter), and I am actually really excited to see how it concludes.

1. Avengers : Age of Ultron
"There's no string on me," and that is the right quotes to represent this movie. The sequel of the critically acclaimed Avengers is expected to crush any movies that came out the same day as it does. Based on the trailer, it does seem to be a little darker and hopefully more complex that the first one. I do however worried as the movie has a lot on its shoulder (kicking off Civil War, fighting against Ultron, exploring the character) that it could end up like Amazing Spiderman 2, however with Marvel's track record, there is no way you are not excited to see Earth's Mightiest Hero assemble again.

 What do you think of my choice ? Do you agree or disagree ? What's your most anticipated movies of 2015 ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for 2015 movies list soon. Don't forget to like us on Facebook, subscribe us on Youtube, and be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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