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What is the All-New Comikrew Studio that we have been bringing up lately ? Hit the jump to know the changes that Comikrew made as it enters the new decade.

Last December marks 10 years of Comikrew Studio, and as it enters a new decade, I decided to make sure that Comikrew Studio brand is known in the cyber space. That's why for 2015, I kick off the all new Comikrew as honestly throughout the December a lot of thing has changed as well.

Comics is what kicked off Comikrew Studio in the first place. In December, I announced that an event; Comikrew10 to celebrate the 10 years of Comikrew Studio. However, due to the unfortunate closing of Inkblazers, the event was put on hold as I moving all my comics to a new host site.  So, this year I proud to announce three regular titles of Comikrew Studio.

National Crisis will returns as regular titles this year with a new arc and also a new canon. Taking the opportunity of the new host site, I decided to streamline the story and break its connection to any previous Chronicle of Tri titles allowing new readers to enjoy it without the need of previous knowledge. National Crisis is now available at Tapastic , so don't forget to head there and subscribe to the comic.

Th second regular title will of course be Chronicle. For the new host site, Chronicle will be available in its original 6 pages per episode. As Chronicle is already an original universe, so there is no streamlining whatsoever. Chronicle is now available to read at Tapastic, so head there and subscribe to Chronicle if you enjoy it.

Skuad Satria is a Malay translation of National Crisis. It will follow the same new streamline canon of National Crisis with several changes in name and possibly character origins. Unlike my other comics, Skuad Satria is hosted by Mat Komik, a community of Malay language comics.

  • Comikrew10
Currently, I am still in process of transferring all my comics to the host site. Until that is finished, Comikrew10 will be put on hold, however as you see on some of my Youtube videos, it does have the logo at the opening credit. In term of progress, National Crisis special is ready for post-production, while Parker's Guidebook of Dating and Chronicle special is in the middle of production phase. So be sure to wait for more announcement in the future.

  • Other titles.
As you might aware, I have a lot of other comics other than the three mentioned above, what will happen to them ? I will reupload them slowly, however not all will be available again. All CHU ORIGIN titles will be pulled off to allow more streamline universe as I will now introduce them in the National Crisis-verse. All my love theme comics will be put under one title, Comikrew Love Story. You can find all my English language titles at Tapastic while my Malay language will be available at Mat Komik.

This year, I am trying to get a little bit more active through Youtube with my Speedpaint series. This will be a regular video series though the release date is not fixed. Currently, I already released episode 1 and set to release the second this week. Be sure to head to my Youtube channel and check them out.

So that is the all-new Comikrew Studio in the nut shell. Of course I will be keep doing review and maybe editorial as usual, but sure to check all the new stuff Comikrew about to offer. So what part of the All-New Comikrew Studio you are excited the most ? The titles that is set to be released ? The speedpaint series ? or my new website skins ?Be sure to sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Also don't forget to connect with us at all sort of social media medium; Facebook, Youtube, Tapastic, and Mat Komik . Finally be sure to keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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