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Chronicle concludes its first arc, The Demon's Son last Monday. Now it's the best to get some introduction on Chronicle as well as some recap on this ongoing post-apocalypse series.

Chronicle actually first launched on April 2014 at our old hosting website; Inkblazers. However, it was relaunched last January after we moved to Tapastic. Chronicle was a combination of several of my scrapped projects. After I was done with the first arc of National Crisis, I decided to leave it for a while and try to explore a new universe and that is when Chronicle was born.

What's Chronicle about ?
Chronicle tells the story of Earth in the year of 3000. Fuel has depleted and the world has been plunged into Energy War causing it to split into four alliance. Trowa, who was a Pacifist territories stranded and met Dante, a mysterious guy who is later revealed as a terrorist that fighting against Central, one of the four alliances.

What's the difference between Chronicle and National Crisis ?

Chronicle is my passion project. In a movie industry, there is term of 'one for you, one for me', where you made one movie for a fan, and then one movie for your own satisfaction. Chronicle is the 'one for me' . It is a project that I used to explore more heavy theme, a more complex character, and a more closer to the style that I once started with; 6 pages per episode and sci-fi romance genre. National Crisis is more catered to the reader. It has a lighter tone and a more mainstream style of storytelling.

Also Chronicle is an original universe. It was taken from other project, but I essentially build it from scratch. I already has the building blocks for National Crisis from the social issues and folklore. But Chronicle, every single thing has to be made from scratch and that's where the fun comes from because you can keep playing around with it.

How far is Chronicle now ?

We just finished with the first arc and about to kick off the second arc; Pirate Brotherhood in two weeks. Pirate Brotherhood is a very exciting arc to me. And you will learn the origin of Nia Azmir.

What's next for Chronicle ?

I'm currently working halfway through the intermission chapter of the series. I would say it is one of my favorite arc of all the comic that I've drawn. It is the one that I think fit my style the most and I assured what you see in the chapter will carry own to all of my comic in the future.

What people should read Chronicle ?
I would say if you want to see the pure style of feettri Ibrahim then read Chronicle. That's me in every single details of it. But it is more heavy in theme, so you might feel uncomfortable at times. Also, I always love put some small hints in every of my story so if you look really carefully in Chronicle and at my previous works, you might be able to guess where the story goes.

So have you check out Chronicle yet ? If you have, tell me what you think in the comment section. I would love feedback. If not, jump on board and read it at Tapastic. Stay tuned for this Friday as we announced what's coming to Comikrew in February. Don't forget to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube and Tapastic. Finally, keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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