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Comikrew February Preview

Conclusion of Spade's Origin, Chronicle kicks off a new arc, and many more coming to Comikrew this February. Hit the jump to see a preview of the titles we are releasing on February.

For February, National Crisis will continued their Origin arc with The Spade and Hackerdroid. Skuad Satria continues with issue 3 and Chronicle will finally kick off a new arc; Pirate Brotherhood. Also, we will be re-releasing On the Brink of Sin for Comikrew Love Story.

National Crisis #14
  • The origin arc continues as Spade's story concludes. 
  • Musashi returns a little bit too late but he insisted to investigate Aoi's death.
  • As The Spade is born, so is he's arch enemy.

National Crisis #15 
*not the final cover
  • The origin arc continues as Hackerdroid's story begins.
  • Witness the birth of Malaysian first Hacker hero.
  • What lead to the rivalries of Hackerdroid and Virus ?

Chronicle #10-11
  • Chronicle kicks off a new arc with a special 12 pages released. 
  • Will Dante and Nia survive the explosion ?
  • What happen when two enemies spend their night together ?

Chronicle #12
  • What is Pirate Brotherhood ?
  • How Nia and Dante deal with the aftermath of their night together ?
  • Will Pat Allenbach figure out Pirate Brotherhood's objective.

Skuad Satria #3
  • The Malay version of National Crisis continues as we explore the origin of Dice.
  • Who will Arman turns to for his most secret mission ?
  • What secret lies beneath the resurface of Mukhriz Claz ?

Skuad Satria #4
  • Can Armain beat Payne or will be inflicted with Payne ?
  • Find out the identity of the mysterious female snipper.
  • The real secret behind Mukhriz's resurface is revealed.

On the Brink of Sin
*not the final cover

  • The re-release for Comikrew Love Story
  • How far would you go to find happiness ?
  • Who will you turn to when your marriage is about to end ?
  • feettri brought to you his most controversial works yet.

So which of this titles that you are excited to read ? Be sure to sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for all these titles , also editorial articles from us. Be sure to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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